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Eli Rodriguez

Board Member / Treasurer

Eli lived in New York City for many years and saw the rowing around the city and always thought it would be a great sport to try. He got started rowing with the PCRC in 2021 after taking a Learn-to-Row course with the club that started at the Palm Coast Community Center. He thought the sport would be great for fitness and to enjoy the camaraderie and the friendly atmosphere of the club. Today, he is a great volunteer inspiration for the club and is a Rowing Lead, works on the Equipment and Masters Advisory Committee and is always trying to make the PCRC better.

Eli is a retired Major in the US Army Reserve and a Vietnam veteran. He retired in 2003 from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York where he worked as a Logistics Manager and Superintendent of Operations in the Department of Buses. He also found time to work for Chase Manhattan Bank in New York City as an Assistant Manager. These days he keeps busy helping in all the club’s rowing activities and wants to see those new to the sport enjoy it for fitness and fun.

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