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Adult Rowing in Palm Coast - Lifelong Fitness and Fun 

Find Fitness, Friends and the Beauty of the Waterways of Palm Coast

If you have never rowed in sweep or sculling boats or if you have, PCRC is here to introduce you to a sport you can do throughout your life.  Palm Coast has some of the best waterways for rowing in Florida and the Palm Coast Rowing Club is developing and growing our Adult rowing programs for Adults to enjoy learning the sport, having fun and building lasting relationships with others in the PC community.  Our programs are inclusive and open to anyone.  If you are looking for fitness, rowing uses 85% of your body's muscles and is one of the best aerobic and anaerobic exercise you can do.

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Explore Adult  Rowing with PCRC

Become Part of a Great  Adult Club Program.  

  • Learn Sweep and Sculling rowing

  • Develop fitness and skills

  • Future Masters rowing

  • Recreational and Competitive options

  • Build friendships - community involvement

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Adult Learn-to-Row 

We offer a few ways for Adults interested in rowing to learn the sport.

  • Indoor rowing (September to May)

  • Adult Learn-to-row (LTR) programs

  • 30-day free trial - In adult sweep row

  • Build friendships and have fun

Indoor "Erg" Rowing

Indoor Ergometer Rowing is Great for Learning Technique and Fitness

  • Held at PC Community Center (Sept-May)

  • Video training 

  • Stroke technique focused

  • Fitness workouts with aerobic/anaerobic benefits 

  • Prepare for on the water transition

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Volunteer Lead Club

Get Involved and Make a Difference in Palm Coast

  • Use your skills to grow the Club

  • Help build youth program for their future

  • See opportunity for underserved in community

  • See reward of your volunteer work

  • Meet new people and new ways to serve

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Sweep Versus Sculling Rowing

Sweep (Crew)

  • Use One Oar

  • Bigger Boats - up to 9 in boat

  • Typical High School and College Competitive Programs


  • Use Two Oars

  • Smaller Boats - 1 to 4 in a boat

  • More Individual Training and Competing

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