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Our Board of Directors

Meet our Team, we are Passionate about helping everyone learn and enjoy rowing


Jani Botha

Board Member / Junior Advisory Cm. Chair

Description for Jani will be coming soon.


Kathleen Vacchelli

Board Member / Treasurer

New description for Kathleen to be coming soon.


Midget Morgan

Board Member

Description for Midget will be coming soon.


Alaine Donavan

Vice President / Membership Committee Chair

Alaine fell in love with rowing after having taken the Learn to Row class with PCRC in 2021. She is an enthusiastic rower and wants to encourage everyone to try the sport for fitness and fun. She loves being on the water and enjoys both sweep and scull rowing. Most importantly, she is blessed to be a part of this Club comprised of such incredibly wonderful and friendly people.


Julie Coolidge

Board Member / Secretary

Julie was first introduced to rowing at a girls’ Catholic high school in Toledo, Ohio. As their teacher, she met and interacted with the students/rowers and was impressed with their strength and dedication. Julie took a Masters Learn-to-Row program with the Toledo Rowing Club a number of years ago, and brought her interest in rowing to Palm Coast when she retired to Florida in 2011.


Mark Heacock



Phyllis Van Reeth

Board Member/Asst. Treasurer

Description for Phyllis will be coming soon.

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