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ATTACH YOUR OWN SHOES TO CLICK IN, CLICK OUT on to foot strecher base plate

  • QuickRelease functionality – your own shoes every row for all athletes
  • Fits all major rowing shoes (check Fitment page)
  • Click into the BasePlate Cleats that are compatible with most steering systems
  • Performance gains, injury risk reductions
  • Designed for rowing performance, not for walking
  • FISA approved heel ties must be used
  • BasePlates Cleats (cleat part on the boat) are sold separately 


This Red plate attaches to your own rowing shoes and clicks into the BasePlate cleats, allowing you to use your own rowing shoes every time you row. No more shared shoes, enhanced hygiene for all rowers, improved performance and the great feeling of knowing you will enjoy every row in any boat.

Provides performance gains and injury risk reduction with it’s biomechanics-based design and gives an improved feel to every row.

The ShoePlate Tops will Fit all rowing shoes with the standard 4 hole drill pattern – this is the most common rowing screw pattern worldwide. (Check Fitment page)

Simply click in and out from seat to seat, boat to boat and boat to ergo.

All athletes in a club or team will need a pair of ShoePlate Tops with their shoes attached to them, whereas all boats need the BasePlate Cleats to be compatible with the ShoePlate Tops.

The QuickRelease System is the World’s most used and successful QuickRelease Rowing system – with over 350 + Elite medals, 20+ World records and countless college, school and club championships.


Batlogic Red Shoe Plate

Color: Red
  • Two Sizes:

    • Small (Mens US 6-9)
    • Large (Mens US 10-16)
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